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150° Azione Cattolica ticinese (1861-2011)

The year 2011 is the 150th anniversary of the founding of Azione Cattolica ticinese, founded July 10, 1861 in Lugano.

Intent: not just a moment of self-celebration but rather the opportunity to emphasize how, still today, our association can contribute to the growth of the society of Ticino and of the entire Confederation, as it did already contribute in a fundamental way through men and women that have marked political, social and religious history of Ticino and Switzerland.

Among these, there are important and famous people: three Federal Councillors (Enrico Celio, Giuseppe Motta, Giuseppe Lepori); several councilors of state; cantonal and federal judges.
In 1971, among the first women elected to the Grand Council, five out of eleven belonged to the Unione Femminile Cattolica Ticinese.

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